Ask many interior designers who their ideal clients are and the majority will answer affluent ones, but not all affluence is created equal. In this 1-hour strategy session, author and award-winning producer Kim Kuhteubl, Me By Design will teach Interior Designers the top 3 ways her six and seven-figure clients have shifted their sales conversations to win dream projects with unicorn clients that pay them what they’re worth. (0.1 CEUS)

Topics will include:

:Three Simple Things to Remember When It's Time To Close A Sale.

:The biggest problems that designers don’t know they have when it comes to client fit.

:The Red Flag You Shouldn’t Ignore in Your Sales Conversation

:What Is The Affluence Trap and How To Avoid It.

:Should You Use The Word “Luxury” in Your Copy?

:Your Client Has a Money Story, How Can You Work With It?


Kim Kuhteubl is an award-winning Producer, Visibility Ideator and the Author of Branding + Interior Design, a branding and visibility handbook for next-gen, design leaders. Her company Me By Design has advised and influenced thousands of entrepreneurs on strategic, visibility initiatives and business expansion. Her international clientele have been featured in leading shelter publications, digital outlets, and on television across North America and around the globe.